Local Entrepreneurs

IMG_0989Below is a sampling of businesses which began in the Savannah Region and now reach beyond “the county line”, plus a few that are only local but have become essential examples of what we are proud of having as “local”.  There is an amazing story behind every one of these! (hopefully we will have volunteers to help us write those up).  This region also has some shining examples of social entrepreneurship; look at the Building Community page on this site for those worthy examples.

Meredith Sutton and Kevin Ryan: Service Brewing

Ted Dennard: Savannah Bee Company

Carol and David Legasse: Salt Table

Howard Paul: Benedetto Guitars

Jody Espina: Jody Jazz

Stratton Leopold; Leopold’s Ice Cream

Clegg Ivy: Guild Hall

Brian Bason: Bark

Randy Booker: TICO Tractors

Kevin Jackson: Envirovac

Hunter Cattle Co. Hunter

Travis Sawyer and Cale Hall Creative Approach

Darby Cox and Sean Geng: Smoke Cartel

Lori Collins: Sav. Coffee Roasters

Greg Parker Parker’s Parkers

Sam Cook Seimitsu Seimitsu

Kathy Fritz: CREATOMbuilder

Janie & Peter Broadhead: Brighter Day Foods

Ruel Joiner: 24e Design

Stephanie Lindsey: Byrd Cookie Company

Katherine Piete, Joe Ebberwein: Corstrata Wound Care Management

John Pinkerton Moon River Brewing

Ty Donaldson: Maven Makers – Maker Space

Elizabeth Jolly: Satchel Leather Goods

Dean McCraw: Pholem app for pulp wood tracking

Juwan Platt: Bckyrd

Katy Skelton: Katy Skelton Design

Mark Lubbers, Daniel Augustine: Gauge eCommerce Design & Development

Daniel Merritt: Nine Line Patriotic Apparel

Ross Harding and Howard Morrison: Verdant Kitchen

Marty Daniel  Daniel Defense

Louis Oswald JL The Brand Socks

Candace Brodmann Moss & Marsh

Mary Jane Martin Orren Wear 

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