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Life is about more than work, and entrepreneurs are especially tuned to what makes a community come alive.  What attracts millions of visitors to Savannah may well not be what attracts talent, energy and innovation to Savannah, though there may be some synergies such as music, especially local musicians and hole-in-the-wall venues. Most of Savannah’s amenities concentrate heavily on attracting visitors who fill up hotel rooms, support high-end restaurants, and leave behind hotel and auto rental taxes that they paid.  Greater Savannah want to identify and promote those venues that give the place a personality that speaks to entrepreneurs – just a cities such as Nashville and Austin have done – they support local talent, local business, local brands, local ownership – because brands such as Starbucks, Victoria Secret, GAP, Ben & Jerry’s, l’occitane, Five Guys, and the like create nothing distinctive or attractive to entrepreneurial talent.


Savannah Music Festival SMF

Savannah Stopover Music Festival SOF

Savannah Jazz Festival SJF

Savanah Film Festival SCAD FILM


Telfair Academy Telfair/Jepson

Massey Heritage Center MHC

Georgia Railroad History Museum GSRM

Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum CRM

W.W. Law Collection WWL

Georgia Historical Society GHS

Pin Point Heritage Museum PinPoint

Mighty 8th Air Force Museum M8thAF

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum SSMM


Tybee Post Theater TPT

Lucas Theater LT

Trustees Theater TT

Randy Woods Pickin Parlor RW

Savannah Civic Center SCC


Connect Savannah CS

Events Calendar EC

Do Savannah DS

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