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Greater Savannah is the lighthouse to help you navigate the Savannah Region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our intent is to serve entrepreneurs and cultivate “the garden” so that those here succeed and that others find us as a place to plant their roots. We welcome all (we really mean that) who want to help nurture the entrepreneurial garden in the Savannah region.

Savannah Logistics Technology Corridor Task Force

Savannah Logistics & Technology Corridor Task Force has formed to promote high-tech industries in Savannah and the surrounding areas with support from Georgia Senate Resolution SR821.

This corridor has the potential to mirror what three other Georgia counties in the Augusta area are creating a state supported corridor focused on cyber technology  – Georgia Cyber Center initiated by Georgia Senate Resolution SR821.

An entry point for those new to Savannah is  2222 Bull Street, the location of the offices and co-working space for the Creative Coast in Savannah led by Director Jennifer Bonnett and Coco Papy assistant.

Greater Savannah is an “open source” endeavor.  There is no controlling authority and there is no financial source that has influence over this initiative. you interested in encouraging the approach to entrepreneurism in the region, you can offer your talent as a mentor, social media lead, ambassador, organizer, advocate or whatever strikes you as a way to move the Greater Savannah Region forward:

Our guiding principles:

  1. Put entrepreneurs front and center
  2. Foster conversations
  3. Enlist collaborators; everyone is invited
  4. Connect people bottom up, top down, inside out
  5. Be authentic, transparent and real
  6. Get started, be patient
  7. Don’t wait for permission

This web site is a work in progress.  Please suggest additions, deletions and corrections.  All of the information provided is in the public domain and none of the businesses have paid to be identified here.

Building community for Makers, Doers and Dreamers

Entrepreneurship empowers individuals, improves the standard of living, creates jobs and bring innovation to the community.  Growth in jobs and wages in Greater Savannah comes from “gardeners cultivating the entrepreneurial ecosystem”  in larger numbers that the infrequent success of the traditional the “hunter going after big game”. Entrepreneural ecosystems are about opening access to economic prosperity for everyone, regardless who they are or where they come from.  Our purpose is fostering the flow of talent, information and resources within our multi-county Savannah region so that entrepreneurs can quickly find what they need at each stage of growth.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Buildingplaybook

Cultivation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem can take many forms; the goal of Greater Savannah is to promote good gardening – to cultivate what is sprouting, identify what fertilizer may be needed most, to study the gardens that are flourishing in other cities, and to advocate for initiatives that would be of the most benefit to the region.

Resources from the Kauffman Foundation :

Kauffman FastTrack On-line Course (free) 25 years of helping the makers, doers and dreamers

Essential Incubator Components

  1. Mentors, coaches, trainers – range of expertise in various industries to assist with evaluation, referrals and advice through multiple stages of development and growth
  2. Shared, low cost, convenient, appealing work space and identity/visibility with presentation space to build a community of innovation connections
  3. Funding for staff and equipped maker space with range of technical expertise corresponding to needs of startups
  4. Open, welcoming doors/relationships to all major corporations and government entities (manufacturers, medical, design, marketing, distribution)
  5. Access to faculty, graduate students and undergraduates in engineering, systems, design and commercialization
  6. Leadership and a broad base of support

Savannah Ocean Exchange Competition SOE

Hosts annual competitions for seed funding for startups for solutions to reducing waste and better use of natural resources, Annual award event in Savannah.

Potential INITIATIVES for Entrepreneurship 

Apprenticeship Program

Co-Working Space

High Speed Internet

Angel Fund Access and Involvement

Capitalized Revolving Fund Match for Equity

Coding Training & Incentives

Fast-Track Permitting (remove barriers) for small business projects

Potential ADVOCACY for Attractive Community

Bicycle Friendly – corridors, lane separation, connections

Dog Friendly – parks, beach, casual restaurants

STEM Programming

BUY LOCAL and local contracting preferences


Recommended for practical, experienced advice on Startups (look for used copies for much lower prices)

  1. The Startup Equation by Steven Fisher and Ja-Nae Duane – a visual guidebook for building you startup
  2. The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki – time-tested, battle hardened guide for anyone starting anything
  3. A Good Hard Kick in the Ass by Rob Adams – basic training for entrepreneurs
  4. Powers of Two by Joshua Shenk – finding the essence of innovation in creative pairs
  5. Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Wiley – 24 steps to a successful startup


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