Cultivating Greater Savannah’s Ecosystem for Talent and Entreprenurs

Ten ADVANTAGES of the Savannah Region – a pleasant place with the current mobile knowledge economy to live, work, play and invest; offering an attractive alternative to the Metro Atlanta Region which has “the third longest average commute time in the nation” McKinsey & Company.

Upgrade your quality of life and bring your talent to the Savannah!  The Savannah Region’s opportunity is to be the “Second Center of Gravity” for economic opportunity in the State of Georgia.

  1. QUALITY OF LIFE: overall a opportunity for a life-style with cultural, recreational and educational opportunities rarely available with the conveniences of living on a sea coast with a population of only 250,000.
  2. EDUCATION: research and skills from our excellent regional university with 27,000 students, including IT, manufacturing engineering, heath, design and business – the state’s largest and most comprehensive center of higher education south of Atlanta.
  3. COASTAL ACCESS:our pristine seacoast of a 100 mile chain of 6 protected  barrier islands accessible for family environmental education and recreation
  4. CITY CENTER: the heart of our city preserving its 1733 town plan creates our hub for cultural events, dining and local products which attracts visitors from around the world.
  5. MEDICAL: a depth of well-staffed medical facilities: the only level 1 trauma center in south Georgia, a School of Medicine, and a University level College of Health Professions 
  6. CLIMATE: an attractive climate with moderate temperatures and rarely with days below freezing.
  7. CREATIVITY: a growing entrepreneurial and innovation community and a major art college for creative professions
  8. WORLD TRADE: the largest concentration of import distribution centers on the East Coast due to our  logistical advantages with the US’s fourth largest container port with global connections for world trade
  9. TRAVEL: a hastle-free regional airport with direct flights to 11 major cities year-round and 12 more on a seasonal basis, and the intersection of two interstate highways.
  10. HOUSING: Affordable property and property taxes with an amazing range of choices of locations and communities – islands, historic or traditional.

“41 minutes from bed to gate at the Savannah Airport, including a shower” per Kevin Dewalt, owner of Prolego – a machine learning solutions provider in Savannah.  Can you get from home to your plane in 41 minutes in your city?  Do you spend more that 20 minutes on you commute?  Could you walk from home to a shared work space?  If not, move to Greater Savannah and improve your quality of life!

The Creative Coast, a component of Chatham County’s economic development authority (SEDA), was formed 23 years ago driven by the publication of The Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida. It’s new web site provides additional information on why you should choose the Greater Savannah region as your home base.

Choose Savannah and The Creative Coast

Greater Savannah is an alliance of those who share energy and a desire to cultivate the multi-county “garden” of Greater Savannah, Georgia focused on the makers, doers and dreamers who no longer want to compromise their quality of life. The region includes four counties in Georgia: Chatham, Effingham, Bryan and Bulloch (GSU campuses) plus Hilton Head SC (USCB campuses) and which operates as one economic network for trade, employment and entrepreneurial engagement.

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